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Red5 Pro Server Version  husky-branched-june-11.b128-feature11


Red5 Pro Stream Manager is a streaming architecture management and information service which helps you automate the process of creating and deleting Red5 Pro instances. Stream Manager also coordinates between broadcasters and subscribers to help the find the right servers for their broadcast and subscribe actions respectively.

Stream Manager provides you with accurate stream statistic over simple HTTP based REST API calls, once stream publishing has started for the stream.

Stream Manager provides automatic traffic management with the Red5 Pro Autoscaler component. Your server fleet automatically expands and contracts and traffic increases and decreases over time. This reduces unnecessary server usage, thereby reducing your cloud platform bills.

Visit the online documentation for Red5 Pro Autoscaling and Stream Manager.
Stream Manager Operations.


Smart Autoscaling

  • Cluster Load Monitoring
  • Cluster Scale-Out with High Traffic Load
  • Cluster Scale-In on Low Traffic Load
Read More about Smart Autoscaling at:
Red5 Pro Autoscaling and Stream Manager

REST API Support

  • Administration Over HTTP
  • Provides Stream Statistics
  • Helps Broadcasters Find Available Origin Server
Read More about the Stream Manager REST API at:
Red5 Pro Stream Manager API

Instance Management

  • Google Cloud Integration
  • Simplified Instance Deployment
  • Simplified Cloud Instance Removal
Read More about the Instance Management of the Stream Manager at:
Red5 Pro Stream Manager User Guide

Web-Based Examples

Our HTML SDK has full WebRTC support with failovers for Flash and HLS.

Several examples are shipped with the Red5 Pro Server and are available to use and test at /webrtexamples.

View source on Github

Mobile Examples

We fully support Android and iOS native applications. Our optimized SDKs increase the server capacity, saving you money on hosting costs.

You can find the following Open Source native application examples on our Github:

Follow the project setup and build instructions in each project to easily create Red5 Pro native clients to begin using the above server applications!

API Documentation

To find more in-depth information about the Red5 Pro Server, the HTML SDK and Mobile SDKs, please visit