Monthly box of Personalised educational material for kids aged 3 to 15 using Mastery Learning teaching philosophy.

NutureBox is a monthly box of age-appropriate branded educational material curated by experts. The box is deliverd every month and the activities enable the kids to develop lot of skills which aren't part of traditional curriculum but are necessary for holistic development of kids abilities. 

Each NurtureBox contains 30 worksheets encompassing a wide variety of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Astronomy, etc. along with a book, a puzzle, a science experiment (for higher classes), and toys (for younger children).  

NurtureBox is focussed on providing an all round development of your kids mind. In the Nature vs Nurture debate, we strongly identify with nurturing our kids by providing them with appropriate tools and directions to become smart individuals and good human beings. There are many such great services available, however, we cater to each kid individually taking parental feedback and sending customised worksheets and activities. 

Key differences from traditional box services:
* Focus on science, mathematics and arts
* Prepare them for Olympiads
* Personalised content based on feedback and our AI recommendation engine


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How it works


Parents signup free with all the details for NurtureBox service. You'll receive a confirmation email and a timeline for your box delivery.

Receive Box

Start receiving the box every month. You can change the class level of the box (higher/lower) based on the activities you find in there and your childs comfort. 


Provide montlhy feedback on the site and our experts will update your next months activities and worksheets appropriately. 

  1. HOLISTIC LEARNING - our focus is on providing tools for an all round development of the child. We believe in training mind, body and soul through the medium of books, exercise plans, yoga and dietary charts. Try it now!
  2. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - we use our algorithms to fine tune the contents of each box based on the feedback provided by parents on their childrens progress. Try it now!
  3. VALUE FOR MONEY - we believe that the box will provide you with significant value due to our expert knowledge base, curation and personalisation. We would count ourselves successfull when your child will eagerly wait for the box every month. Try it now!

Launch Countdown

NurtureBox will be delivered starting October 1, 2020

Launch Timeline


Parents signup for NurtureBox during the pre-launch phase and provide your childs details in the registration form. You will receive an email confirming the registration and any further details. 


The winners of the free trials will be announced and automatically subscribed to the service. Others will receive an email prompting them to go to the site and make a subscription payment. You can chose various payment options and frequencies.

NurtureBox delivered

Beginning of January 1, 2019, you will start receiving your boxes and we would love for you to share your experience and provide feedback on the site. You will receive emails providing you with access credentials to our in-house social network. 

Continue subscription    

We hope that you would enjoy your first three months of NurtureBox and will continue to use us for the forseaable future. Your account information and payment details will be reflected in the dashboard section of your profile. 

NurtureBox Pricing

INR  599

Per month paid Monthly

NurtureBox contains goods worth over INR 1000 every month. Perfect for those testing the box and other services.

*Payable each month INR 599

INR  549

Per month paid Quarterly

NurtureBox when used for at least three months will give you a good idea about the quality of goods and our curation. We recommend this plan at the minimum. 

*Payable each quarter INR 1647

INR  499

Per month paid Yearly

NurtureBox full range of activities are included and will give you an entire picture of our design ideology. Perfect for those who want hassle free box experience. 

*Payable each year INR 5988


NurtureBox is a monthly subscription box which contains branded educational material like worksheets, books, toys and other activities appropriate for your childs age group. We provide a holistic approach to learning by using materials from various sources and domains. 

Yes, you can update your subscriptions. If you are using our monthly subscription and you want to upgrade to the yearly one, we will automatically apply the lowest price applicable. 

Yes, you can certainly change your address. Just let us know via email or our contact form with the subscription ID and your name. We will confirm the details and ship to new address. 

Yes, if you feel your child is finding the activities and worksheets too easy or hard,  you can certainly ask us and we will upgrade the level accordingly. 

Sign up now for a chance to win a free 3 Month subscription

Limited spots available

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